1912 Model T Ford

Brass radiator, headlights, cowl lights and taillight.

Original Reno vehicle with original box and original lettering on the sides.  The French Laundry was located on Mill Street, 1 block west of Wells Ave.  It opened in 1907 after moving from San Francisco after the earthquake.  Chassis was purchased in Reno and the box back was built by a carriage maker in Reno. This was their first delivery truck for the laundry.

This vehicle was in a museum in Virginia City from approximately 1963 to 1990 after purchasing it from original owner.

Since reconditioning it to running condition it has appeared in the National Automobile Museum in Reno for 18 months.

I have the original 1912 motor, which will go with it,  but I put a 1924 T motor in it so as to be able to electric start the motor.  It has Rocky Mountain brakes on it. It runs fine.  Transmission was rebuilt some years ago with new bands for braking.  New tires and new wood spoke wheels.  New oak seat.

For Sale asking $17,500.00.  

Call 775-742-0138 between 8:00am and 7:00pm

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